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Envisioning our Future

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Newsletter #2

Newsletter #2 provides an overview of the Background Report prepared as part of the General Plan update. 

Public Draft Background Report

The General Plan Background Report provides a snapshot of existing conditions in the Town of Los Gatos. Use the links below to download and view the Public Draft, published March 2019.

Download links  

Complete document (21mb)

Individual Chapters
    1. Cover, Table of Contents, and Introduction
    2. Los Gatos Today
    3. Land Use
    4. Mobility
    5. Public Facilities, Services, and Infrastructure
    6. Open Space, Parks, and Recreation
    7. Environment and Sustainability
    8. Hazards and Safety
    9. Housing
    10. Appendix A: Traffic Counts

Newsletter #1

Newsletter #1 provides an overview of the General Plan update process and information on how the community will be engaged in the update.

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