Los Gatos 2040 General Plan Approved with Modifications

At the June 30, 2022 Special Town Council meeting, the Council approved the Draft 2040 General Plan with modifications.

The adopted 2040 General Plan retains the Town’s Low Density neighborhoods as is, allows more housing in High (formerly known as Medium) Density Residential (i.e., small, multi-unit housing), does not allow new housing potential in the Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone, and focuses the majority of the growth in the Community Growth Districts with mixed use and higher density developments.

A referendum to repeal the Land Use and Community Design Elements of the adopted 2040 General Plan has been received and the referendum signatures have been verified by the County Registrar, therefore the 2040 General Plan Land Use and Community Design Elements were suspended in accordance with Elections Code Section 9237. On October 4, 2022, Town Council adopted a resolution to provide that the 2020 General Plan Land Use and Community Deisgn Elements will govern during the period of suspension.


The General Plan update presented a pivotal opportunity to shape the future of Los Gatos.  Through this process, the Town and the community considered many pertinent topics, including transportation, mobility, housing, environmental justice, public health, and others to ensure Los Gatos is positioned to achieve its vision for the future.

This website provides access to all materials related to the process, including documents and times, and other information.

General Plan Vision

The Town of Los Gatos is a welcoming, family-oriented, and safe community nestled in the beautiful foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains. The Town takes pride in its small-town character, historic neighborhoods, local culture and arts, excellent schools, and a lively and accessible downtown. The Town is pedestrian friendly and offers a choice of mobility options, housing opportunities, and superior public facilities and services, governed by an open and responsive local government that is fiscally sound. The Town includes a mix of businesses throughout Town that serve all residents, workers, and visitors. A dynamic and thriving community, Los Gatos is committed to racial, social, and environmental justice and underscores its commitment to long-term well-being by embracing sustainability.

Community Meeting Video

October 6, 2021

On October 6, 2021, the Town of Los Gatos held a Community Meeting on the General Plan. A recording of the meeting can be viewed here. 

Newsletter #4: The General Plan Policy Document

Newsletter #4 is now available for download. The Newsletter outlines what has changed and what has stayed the same in each Element since the previous General Plan. 

2040 General Plan Final Environmental Impact Report

The 2040 General Plan Final Environmental Impact Report is available for download using the link below. To view the Draft Environmental Impact Report, head to the Documents page to download the individual components.

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